While I had a good time talking to vendors on the RSA expo floor, I had a better time running around trying to find cool SWAG (stuff we all get).

I tried to stay away from tshirts, but I did end up getting a few of those too.

Some of the cool / useful items from the above picture:

Almost every vendor had contests or raffles throughout the day. Some of the prizes that I saw were a $200 gift certificate, RC car, RC helicopter, Apple iPod touch, and an Apple MacBook Air. I counted 12 vendors giving away the Apple iPod touch, and 3 vendors giving away the Apple MacBook Air. Somehow, I won an RC helicopter from nCircle, and an Apple iPod touch from (ISC)2. Thanks!

Later on I found out that I knew two people that also won an Apple iPod touch. You going to keep it or sell it? I already Jailbreak’ed mine, and I’m loving the labyrinth game.

Update: This guy must be a professional SWAG hunter. He had 3 bags full of stuff!