DeepSec is an in-depth security conference in Vienna, Austria. Last year it was held on November 20th through the 23rd, and from the speaker lineup, it looked like a very good conference. Everyone can now enjoy the presentations, as the DeepSec 2007 videos are online at Google video.

Here are some of the DeepSec 2007 presentations that sound interesting to me:

The two DeepSec 2007 keynotes are online as well:

And here are the rest of the DeepSec 2007 presentations:

I also noticed a few DeepSec 2007 presentation not online:

  • Are the vendors listening? – Simon Howard
  • Collecting and Managing Accumulated Malware Automatically – Georg Wicherski
  • Intercepting GSM traffic – Steve
  • Web 2.0 Application Kung-Fu: Securing Ajax & Web Services – Shreeraj Shah