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  • iExploder v1.5 –
    iExploder is like a fire hydrant full of bad HTML and CSS code to test the stability and security of web browsers.
  • scRUBYt! –
    It’s purpose is to free you from the drudgery of web page crawling
  • SQLFury v1.1.6 –
    SQLFury is an injection scanner that uses blind SQL injection techniques to extract information from a target database.
  • Freakin’ Simple Fuzzer v0.7.3.5 –
    This is missing some features however it has advanced RegEx capturing features for scraping data out of web applications.
  • SIFT 2.0 –
    SIFT is a VMware Appliance that is pre-configured with all the necessary tools to perform a detailed digital forensic examination.
  • BURP2XML –
    We have developed a standalone Python script to process Burp’s session files into XML.
  • BinCrowd –
    The core technology behind BinCrowd is basically a huge database of function information.
  • StreamArmor v1.0 –
    StreamArmor is the sophisticated tool for discovering hidden alternate data streams (ADS).
  • Keykeriki v2 –
    This opensource hardware and software project enables every person to verify the security level of their own keyboard transmissions.
  • OWASP Broken Web Applications Project v0.91RC1 –
    It is distributed as a Virtual Machine in VMware format compatible with their no-cost VMWare player.
  • pwnat v0.1-Beta –
    Simply put, this is a proxy server that works behind a NAT, even when the client is behind a NAT, without any 3rd party.
  • WeakNet Linux –
    Our new kernel, built with support for packet injection, faster boot time, and much, much more.
  • ZeroDayScan –
    ZeroDayScan is a free security web scanning service brought to you by experienced security experts.
  • OpenSCAP v0.5.8 –
    This new version has a new s-expr parser, new probes from unix schema and much more.
  • SIP Inspector v1.00 –
    SIP Inspector is a tool written in JAVA to simulate different SIP messages and scenarios.
  • PenTBox v1.3.2 –
    PenTBox is a Security Suite with programs like Password Crackers, Denial of Service and more.


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