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Week 26 in Review 2010

Published: July 4th, 2010 | Category: Hacking Contests, Security Conferences, Security Tools, Security Training, Vendor News

Events Related:

  • Third SHB Workshop –
    This is a two-day gathering of computer security researchers, psychologists, behavioral economists, sociologists, philosophers, and others.
  • HiTB News
    HiTB  organizes conferences for a while in Dubaï and Kuala Lumpur but this is the first time that an event is held in Europe and not too far from Belgium.

  • Notes from OWASP Bay Area Security Summit –
    However the portion on dynamic identification and quarantine of malicious scripts was very interesting.
  • Hacking the Next Hope Badge –
    The following are some notes that will help enterprising neighbors to hack these badges, which will be running an MSP430 port of the OpenBeacon firmware.


  • Comparing web application scanners, part 2 –
    Scanners were scored based on their ability to identify different types of vulnerabilities in different scanning modes.
  • Cisco IOS Auditing –
    Earlier this month Tenable released a new policy compliance plugin for Nessus that allows auditing of Cisco router and switch configuration.
  • Third-Party Web Widget Security FAQ –
    Millions of websites such as online news, blogs, e-commerce, banks, webmail, social networking and more utilize third-party hosted content on their webpages in the form of JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML IFrames, and images.
  • securityacts it security e-zine issue 3 –
    If you’re looking for a new security-related e-zine to read, check out SecurityActs.
  • New AMTSO guidelines –
    Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), which F-Secure is a member of, had a meeting in Helsinki in May.


  • BackTrack
    BackTrack started as a personal side project well over 5 years ago and by now has been downloaded over 5 million times.

  • Autoruns and Dead Computer Forensics –
    It is essentially a targeted registry dump, peering into at least a hundred different Windows Registry keys that the boot and logon processes rely upon.
  • Netsparker Community Edition Released –
    There are not many new features in Community Edition but this release addresses the most common issues and includes several improvements.
  • Skipfish 1.46beta –
    A fully automated, active web application security reconnaissance tool.
  • FxCop – .NET Framework Security Analysis Tool –
    FxCop is an application that analyzes managed code assemblies.
  • bsqlbf v. 2.6 –
    The new addition is the execution of any metasploit payload after executing OS code against Oracle database server by exploiting SQL Injection from web apps.
  • upSploit – Press Release –
    This Vulnerability Advisory Gateway (VAG) should break down the barriers for security researchers and professionals to pass details of vulnerabilities to vendors in a structured easy to follow process.
  • SandKit –
    SandKit is a toolset that is intended to assist with the investigation of Sandbox technologies.
  • IDA Pro 5.7 highlights –
    We have released a IDA Pro 5.7 few days ago.
  • WinPcap –
    The latest stable WinPcap version is 4.1.2.
  • ostinato 0.1.1 –
    Ostinato is an open-source, cross-platform packet/traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI.


  • Got database access? Own the network! –
    The presentation highlights techniques to exploit a MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server database server in real world.
  • SSL gives point-to-point, not end-to-end security –
    SSL provides good point-to-point privacy and integrity protection. However, there is no guarantee to upper layers that SSL is indeed in use.
  • HCP Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild –
    This vulnerability disclosure has fueled an intense debate amongst security professionals on responsible disclosure, as the Google researcher only allowed Microsoft 5 days before going public with the flaw details.
  • The curious case of JBoss Hacking –
    It is not so rare seeing jboss where the jmx-console is not password protected.
  • Linux buffer overflow II –
    In the first edition of my tutorial tutorial explains berbuffer 400-byte buffer overflow.
  • Set Wallpaper Meterpreter Script –
    Certainly nothing to fuss over, but I’ve had a fascination with setting my target’s wallpaper as sort of a calling card for years now.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Testing Automation Part I –
    In my SANSFire presentation I described how and why to automate parts of the security testing process.
  • V3rity has released a redo log mining tool to extract DDL from redo logs –
    V3rity is the new company founded by David Litchfield in March 2010 since he left NGS and until recently his site had little on it.
  • Full-Disclosure, Our Turn –
    No Web applications, no forms, no log-in, no user-supplied input where XSS can hide.
  • Social Security Number Format –
    First, for those of you who live under a rock, or across the pond, a social security number is in the format of xxx-xx-xxxx.
  • CSRF flaws that pack a punch –
    A year after DEFCON 17, cross-site request forgery (still one of my favorite bugs) continues to present itself in some mighty interesting places.
  • Wifi Security Slides –
    There are a few canned video demos in the PPT version that are obviously not in the PDF version and the PPT version contains copious notes, not found in the PDF.
  • Memory acquisition and the pagefile(s) –
    The easiest way to do this with Memoryze is to use the MemoryDD.bat script from the command line or to use the UI, Audit Viewer.
  • sqlmap and SOAP based web services –
    Last week a sqlmap user, Chilik Tamir, provided me with a patch to add basic support for SOAP based requests to the tool.
  • Lessons from criminals – Good passwords matter –
    Unless this is an elaborate public relations stunt, it appears the integrity of AES-256 as a military-grade encryption standard has been proven in a rather public way.
  • more with rpcclient –
    Got asked to help remotely locate local admins on boxes on a network.
  • You want the BlackBerry Event Log? beg damnit! –
    If I succeeded at understanding this topic, I would be able to directly connect to a BlackBerry device and collect all the information that I wanted.
  • Twitter updates
    • Looks like it’s possible to infinitely brute force Windows passwords without hitting lockout policy using “Change Passwd” Is that old news? – ax0n
    • Arduino + MetaSploit + USB wireless presenter dongle == VNC remote access on the box. – hdmoore
    • @ax0n you have to be authenticated to the domain to access the SAM function though right? Once you have an account, it works – hdmoore
  • How to write shellcode –
    I previously had written an article about buffer overflow, it is time I wrote an article how to write shellcode.
  • Secunia Survey of DEP and ASLR –
    At the FIRST conference last month, Dave Aitel said something to the effect that DEP and ASLR are the only two noteworthy technologies produced by Microsoft since starting their security initiative.
  • Hacking wireless presenters with an Arduino and Metasploit –
    Someone in the audience can control the slides and can send any keystroke you want to the victim, as if they were sitting at the keyboard.
  • CiscoWorks TFTP directory traversal exploit –
    So far I have not seen any details published so I decided to see if I could find the bug.

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