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  • Ubertooth video and news –
    This will be a longer presentation telling the complete story of the development of Project Ubertooth and demonstrating new capabilities of the platform (hopefully with working Ubertooth One prototypes).
  • How To Deploy IPv6 Securely –
    The number of available IPv4 addresses is expected to run out in less than a year, as we’ve reported before.
  • MobileSubstrate wiki –
    MobileSubstrate consists of 3 major components: MobileHooker, MobileLoader and safe mode.


  • SSL Diagnos is used to get information about SSL usage –
    It can also be used for testing and rating ciphers on SSL clients. It has also specific support for pop3s, sip, smtp and explicit ftps.
  • Nessus Viewer v1.0.0 released –
    Nessus Viewer enables IT Security auditors and penetration testers to quickly navigate inside Nessus reports by sorting and filtering each entry.
  • R-U-Dead-Yet Version 2.1 –
    The forms and their post action url’s are now parsed correctly. So here comes v2.1 with the bug fix.


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