Events Related

  • Troopers15 Wrap-Up Day #1 –
    This is Xavier’s first Troopers conference. Here is the wrap-up for the first day of Troopers15. Before the review of the talks, a few words about the conference. The venue was really nice as well as the facilities.



  • CANBus Protector –
    CANBus protector is a (very simple) CANBus IPS system built on two separate pieces of hardware that use one-way communication to get information out of the “trusted” vehicle network.
    The INTERLOCK application is a file encryption front-end developed, but not limited to, usage with the USB armory.
  • Windows: Local WebDAV NTLM Reflection Elevation of Privilege –
    A default installation of Windows 7/8 can be made to perform a NTLM reflection attack through WebDAV which allows a local user to elevate privileges to local system.