Security Vulnerabilities

Week 30 In Review – 2014


BSides Cleveland 2014 Videos –
These are the videos from the Bsides Cleveland conference. You can watch and download the videos from here.
Dispelling Confusion and Myths: iOS Proof-of-Concept –
A quick POC demonstrating how File Relay and other services can be abused to dump a significant amount of personal data from an iOS device wirelessly, and […]

Week 29 In Review – 2014


BGA talk slides –
Marshall twitted his BGA talk slides on twitter. You can download the pdf from here.
Building a Modern Security Engineering Organization –
Continuous deployment and the DevOps philosophy have forever changed the ways in which businesses operate. This talk with discuss how security adapts effectively to these changes.
Car Hacker’s Handbook –
Here you can […]

Week 28 In Review – 2014


Vendor Checklist app / Trust Metric app –
ISECOM (the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies) began with the release of the OSSTMM, the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual. It was a move to improve how security was tested and implemented.
Dumping Data from Memcached Servers –
Memcached servers provide a dynamic, distributed memory object caching […]

Week 26 In Review – 2014

Black Hat USA Briefings Giveaway
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Events Related

Hack in Paris 2014 Wrap-Up Day #1 –
Hack in Paris, a French security conference held in Disneyland Resort Paris. The conference started with a sunny sky over the conference centre in the New York hotel. Here […]

Week 25 In Review – 2014


Circle City Con 2014 Videos –
These are the Circle City Con 2014 videos. You can watch and download all of the recordings from here.
OWASP Security Shepherd –
Security Shepherd has been implemented with the aim of fostering and improving security awareness among a varied skill-set demographic. This project enables users to learn or to improve […]

Week 24 In Review – 2014


CySCA2014-in-a-Box –
CySCA2014-in-a-Box is a Virtual Machine that contains most of the challenges faced by players during CySCA2014. It allows players to complete challenges in their own time, to learn and develop their cyber security skills.
From a Username to Full Account Takeover –
Usernames, email addresses and phone numbers are invaluable pieces of information for attackers. […]

Week 23 In Review – 2014


CRITs-Collaborative Research Into Threats –
Upload threat data and uncover critical information to keep your organization safe. Develop additional capabilities using the Services Framework to combine CRITs with third-party and home-grown intelligence systems.
Heartbleed, Cupid and Wireless –
Since Luis Grangeia presentation on cupid had gotten quite a bit of attention, he felt it’s necessary to provide […]

Week 22 In Review – 2014

Events Related

HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up
HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up Day #1 –
Xavier is in Amsterdam for attending at the new edition of Hack In The Box. This is a special edition with many improvements.

HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime –
This is a talk on ART, the […]

Week 21 In Review – 2014


BSides Nashville 2014 Videos –
These are the videos of BSides Nashville 2014. You can download the videos from here.
Powershell’s Pastebin –
Pastebin is #1 paste tool. Here is a list of Powershell’s pastebin.
2014 Trustwave Global Security Report Available Now –
Trustwave released their annual 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report, an analysis of compromise and threat statistics […]

Week 20 In Review – 2014


Infiltrate 2014 –
Here are some additional resources of Zach Cutlip that may have mentioned in his Infiltrate 2014 presentation.
BlueHat Security Briefings: Fall 2013 Sessions –
The 2013 BlueHat Security Briefings took place on the Microsoft campus in December 2013. Here are the list of talks and discussions.


mimikatz 2.0 alpha 20140519 –
You can download this new […]