Week 9 in Review – 2013

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Juniper Networks intros global cloud-based ‘attacker database’ –
At the start of RSA 2013, Juniper Networks is rolling out a global database to track attacks on individual devices.
MASTIFF Analysis of APT1 –
At Shmoocon this year we were please to find that there is a project focused on this specifically called MASTIFF.
Armor for […]

Week 7 in Review – 2013

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S4x13 Video: Atlas on RF Comms Security and Insecurity –

RF Comms are often ignored in SCADA assessments. Big mistake as atlas 0f d00m shows RF hacking session at S4x13.

#Shmoocon Presentation Links –

So I talked fast and furious and ran out of time, but 20 minutes is not a lot of time […]

Information Security Events For January

Here are information security events in North America this month:


DoD Cybercrime Conference 2012: January 20 to January 27 in Atlanta




ShmooCon USA : January 27 to Januaryin Washington, DC




And here are the information security events in the other parts of the world:

BSides Vienna: January 21 in Vienna




eCrime Germany: January 31 in Frankfurt

Week 6 In Review – 2011

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ShmooCon CTF 2011 Ghost In the Shellcode –
Congratulations to ppp for winning the second GitS CTF! The game board as it was when the contest ended is now live, though answers are not accepted, nor are any of the exploitable services running.
Just like the real thing –
The goal is to build a truly […]

Week 5 In Review – 2011

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ShmooCon 2011
Getting to ShmooCon each year is always challenging (as is trying to get home). Mother Nature seems to enjoy disrupting the travel to and from the conference, which is held in Washington, D.C in January or February of each year.

ShmooCon 2011 –
ShmooCon 2011 Conference Wrap Up –

US Cyber Challenge 2011
The Center […]

Week 4 In Review – 2011

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Shmoocon 2011

ShmooCon 2011: Team Joch vs. Android: The Final Showdown –
Shmoocon 2011: Printers gone wild! –
ShmooCon 2011: Attacking 3G and 4G mobile telecommunications networks –
ShmooCon 2011: Defeating mTANS for profit –
ShmooCon 2011: URL enlargement: Is it for you? –


Train Like You Fight –
One of my favorite talks from […]

Week 3 in Review – 2011

Events Related:

A Shmoocon Preview –
At about a third of the size of a larger conference like Black Hat, it’s much easier to talk to the speakers without fighting with a crowd. Past years have had good presentations on mobile phone security and this year is no exception.
Black Hat DC 2011
We are currently at the awesome […]

Week 1 in Review – 2011

Events Related:

I will admit there is limited spacing, we rented the entire second floor of the Hyatt and tickets will go fast.

new hacker con, hell of speaker list: DerbyCon –
Derbycon Teaser Video and website launch date announced –

ShmooCon CTF Warmup 2011 –
A couple of PPP members (awesie, tylerni7) participated in the […]

Information Security Events for January

Here are the information security events in North America this month:

BSides MSP: January 7 in St. Paul

BlackHat DC: January 16 to 19 in Arlington

SANS Security East: January 20 to 27 in New Orleans

DOD Cyber Crime Conference 2011: January 21 to 28 in Atlanta

Shmoocon: January 28 to 30 in Washington, DC
Did we miss any events for […]

ShmooCon 2010 – Wrap Up

February 2010, concludes another exciting ShmooCon East coast hacker convention; Access ShmooCon 2010 related articles, blog posts, videos, “Shmoopocalypse 2010″ photos, tools and downloads, and other information security resources.
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