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One thing that I really hate about multi track conferences, is that it takes me forever to determine what I want to see. And with the upcoming RSA conference, they didn’t make it easy with 20 tracks to choose from!

Here is the workflow that I used to figure out my RSA schedule. The first step was to see what sessions interested me, so I marked up the schedule booklet. Then I mapped all of those sessions by time in a text file. My final step was to re-read the session info, and determine which would be my primary and secondary sessions for that time slot. Yes, I could have used RSA’s online scheduler, but I felt the interface was clunky and slow. Where is when you need them?

Here is my current schedule for sessions:


  • 1:30pm – 2:40pm – CONS105 – Internet banking challenges and banco do brasil experience
  • 3pm – 3:50pm – BUS106 – What wall street thinks of security, redux OR
    HT2106 – Breaking security systems – political, legal, and technical aspects
  • 4:10pm – 5:20pm – HT2107 – Case notes from a vulnerability assessment of a banks web services
  • 5:40pm – 6:30pm – DEF108 – Cross channel fraud – emerging attacks and challenges


  • 8am – 8:50am – HT1201 – Sex, drugs, and cybercrime – go flux yourself OR
    BUS201 – security information visualization
  • 9:10am – 10:20am – EXP202 – A perspective of information security in the olympic games 2002-2008
  • 10:40am – 11:50am – CASE203 – A detailed analysis of a control system cyber event


  • 8am – 8:50am – HT2301 – Espionage trojans – targeted attacks drive the next wave of malware
  • 9:10am – 10:20am – HT1302 – Timing attacks for recovering entries from database engines
  • 10:40am – 11:50am – HT1303 – Defeating obfuscation – methodologies and attack testing


  • 9am – 9:50am – GOV401 – Will your web research land you in jail?
  • 10:05am – 10:55am – HT2402 – Detection of beacon trojans and advanced data exfiltration techniques
  • 11:10am – 12pm – HT1403 – Pharming via dns forgery (dns cache poisoning reloaded)

As you might have noticed, I still have conflicts at Tuesday 3pm and Wednesday 8am. Maybe you can help me decide which one to go to.

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