RSA Conference News

//RSA Conference News

After posting my RSA schedule, I noticed that the "Research Revealed" track wasn’t included in my booklet. So for those that were relying on the booklet to figure out your schedule, and interested in research topics, refer to RSA’s detailed agenda. Now to go back and figure out if I need to adjust my schedule *again*.

On a different subject, there was a press release yesterday announcing that Al Gore will deliver the closing keynote to the RSA conference! But my excitement was short lived because today I got an email stating that press is not allowed at his keynote 🙁 Wired and Cnet also picked up on this announcement. The Cnet article mentions some of his previous speaking engagements also barred press, but the author wonders if it will work in a room filled with techies, many of them familiar with social sites like twitter, youtube, and flickr. He even offers a fleece jacket to the first person to email him a link to the video! I guess he figures at least one person out of 17,000 will try to break the rules.

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