Infected Art Exhibit

//Infected Art Exhibit

MessageLabs threw a party tonight at the Varnish Gallery Bar, showcasing the computational art by Alex Dragulescu. There were six threat categories (viruses, spam, phishing, trojans, spyware, and malicious links) and all of the renderings were amazing.

MessageLabs provided Alex with the disassembled code, and Alex ran it through his program that analyzed the code, and created a 3d entity based on its values. From there it was transferred to modeling software for positioning and lighting. And the final step was to render it for presentation.

Some of Alex’s work was covered in the past, from Gizmodo and Cnet. A portion of the renderings can be seen on his site under malwarez, but seeing them in person is 1000x better. Hopefully there will be another exhibit so others can see the wonderful art.

Here are a few of my pictures from the event, and the rest can be found on flickr.

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