Hack in the Box: Dubai

//Hack in the Box: Dubai

Last week was the Hack in the Box conference, this time in Dubai. I wish I could have been there, but its a bit hard for me to justify the international travel costs. But the speaker lineup and topics looked awesome, covering things like GSM cracking, windows token kidnapping, and Medeco m3 cracking.

Speaking of GSM cracking, the presenter had some of his gear taken away from him at the UK airport! You can read about his experience here. Wired even picked up on the story as well.

Hack in the Box presentations are now online on their site, and spoonfork took some great pictures to capture the essence of conference. Jeremiah Grossman, Mel Mudin, and geek00l all wrote about their Dubai experiences, and provided commentary on the presentations.

Dubai has been on my places to travel list for some time now, so maybe next year I will go the conference. And based on the various feedback that I’ve seen, the HITB crew did another great job on this years conference.

On another note, I wonder if anyone saw The World archipelago, Palm Islands archipelago, or any other the other amazing things they are building out there.

Update: Keynote Videos are now available. Bruce Schneier keynoted on day 1, and Jeremiah Grossman keynoted on day 2.

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