Hacker Halted: SWAG Edition

//Hacker Halted: SWAG Edition

Because Techno Security 2008 and the Access Data User’s Conference was held during the same time as Hacker Halted, there were a decent amount of vendors on the expo floor. Most of the vendors were forensics oriented like Guidance and Access Data, but I was happy to see Core Security there. Even the NSA, FBI, and USSS had booths on the expo floor.

Talking to vendors is fun, but did I get any cool SWAG? Lets see what I got…

My favorite item I got was a wire puzzle from Passware. I love puzzles, but I haven’t been able to solve this one yet 🙁 I can solve it with a bit of brute force, but I don’t think that is the proper solution.

I didn’t win any of the raffles / drawings this time, but there were some expensive things up for grabs. There were of course Apple iPods available, but the more extravagant items were a Star Wars Lightsaber, Acer laptop, and a 42" LCD TV. I was at the TV drawing, and I was shocked that they had to redraw three times because they weren’t there! Everyone kept yelling not here so they would redraw and get another chance for their name being drawn. Too funny.

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