USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies

//USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies

This is the week of USENIX, as they have several security related workshops, and their annual  Security Symposium. On Monday, there was the Workshop on Offensive Technologies, and I was lucky enough to get invited to the workshop.

Paul Vixie started the event by talking about the DNS cache poisoning vulnerability. He didn’t talk about the actual vulnerability because Dan Kaminsky will be discussing it at the upcoming Black Hat USA Briefings. But he did talk about the patch, and other solutions that could possibly fix the DNS cache poisoning vulnerability. He did note that the patch isn’t a 100% fix, as it is a statistical patch against a statistical vulnerability.

Many of the other presentations were very interesting as well. Here are a couple Workshop on Offensive Technologies presentations that I enjoyed:

And here are the rest of the Workshop on Offensive Technologies presentations:

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