Hotel Network: Safe From Hackers?

//Hotel Network: Safe From Hackers?

When using a Hotel’s network, do you ever wonder how safe you are when connected to it? In a recent study from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, they found that most hotels are not secured properly.

The paper called Hotel Network Security: A Study of Computer Networks in U.S. Hotels (registration required) shows the results from 147 U.S. hotels.

Some hotels still rely on relatively rudimentary hub technology for their networks, and these are particularly subject to hacking.

The study also notes that only 20.6% of the hotels have had reports of wrongdoing on their computer networks.

Being fairly paranoid myself, I treat every network I connect to as hostile, and assume someone can be looking at my network traffic at any time. Just remember to encrypt all your connections and or tunnel all your traffic through a VPN to protect yourself from that type of attack.

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