CanSecWest 2009 Speaker Lineup

//CanSecWest 2009 Speaker Lineup

Dragos Ruiu just announced the speaker lineup for this year’s CanSecWest conference, being held next month in Vancouver Canada.

The Smart-Phones Nightmare – Sergio ‘shadown’ Alvarez

Getting into the SMRAM: SMM Reloaded – Loíc Duflot

Network design for effective HTTP traffic filtering – Jeff "rfp"  Forristal, Zscaler

Ninja Scanning – Fyodor,

On Approaches and Tools for Automated Vulnerability Analysis – Tanmay  Ganacharya & Nikola Livic & Abhishek Singh & Swapnil Bhalode & Scott  Lambert, Microsoft

Kicking It Old School: No DNS Packets Were Harmed In The Making Of This Presentation – Dan Kaminski, IOActive

Binary Clone Wars: Software Whitelisting for Malware Prevention and Coordinated Incident Response. – Shane Macaulay, Sean Comeau, and Derek Callaway, Security Objectives

.NET Rootkits – Erez Metula

The Evolution of Microsoft’s Exploit Mitigations – Matt Miller and Tim Burrell, Microsoft

An overview of the state of videogame console security. – Victor Muñoz

A Look at a Modern Mobile Security Model: Google’s Android – Jon Oberheide

Bug classes we have found in *BSD, OS X and Solaris kernels – Christer Oberg and Neil Kettle, Convergent Network Solutions

Multiplatform Iphone/Android Shellcode, and other smart phone insecurities – Alfredo Ortega and Nico Economou, Core

Platform-independent static binary code analysis using a meta-assembly language – Sebastian Porst & Thomas "halvar" Dullien, zynamics

Persistent BIOS Infection – Anibal Sacco & Alfredo Ortega, Core

Decompiling Dalvik and other JavaFX – Marc Schoenefeld

Automated Real-time and Post Mortem Security Crash Analysis and Categorization – Jason Shirk & Dave Weinstein, Microsoft

SSL, The Sequel: MD5 collisions and EV certificates – Alexander Sotirov & Mike Zusman

Exploiting Unicode-enabled software – Chris Weber

Chinese Infosec & Malware Overview – Wei "icbm" Zhao, 365menshen

Hacking Macs for Fun and Profit – Dino Dai Zovi & Charlie Miller

…and a variety of lightning talks…

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