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  • Stoned Bootkit –
    Stoned Bootkit is a new Windows bootkit loaded before Windows starts and is memory resident thus Stoned gains access to the entire system.
  • ViewStateViewer: A GUI Tool for deserializing/reserializing ViewState –
    ViewStateViewer seamlessly integrates into the Fiddler workflow, allowing a user to manipulate it just as they would any other variable in a HTTP request.
  • Morpheus Beta –
    Morpheus is a windows client for fwknop, the Single Packet Authorization System.
  • FakeIKEd v0.0.5 –
    Fiked can impersonate a VPN gateway’s IKE responder in order to capture XAUTH login credentials.
  • Update: PDFiD Version 0.0.8 –
    The update packs in Flash detection in PDFs, new date format and more.
  • Backtrack 4. MSF – Part 1 –
    Using Backtrack and Metasploit together can lead to exciting results.
  • A Beta Version of NPing has been released –
    It generates network packets of a wide range of protocols, letting users to tune virtually any field of the protocol headers.
  • Creating HTML Listeners with JSReg and Hackvertor –
    A proof of concept put together using JSReg and Hackvertor
  • SSLSniff V0.6 –
    It is designed to MITM all SSL connections on a LAN and dynamically generates certs for the domains that are being accessed on the fly.
  • UC Sniffer 2.4 –
    A VoIP Sniffer and security tool with some new features!
  • Websecurify –
    Websecurify automatically identifies web application vulnerabilities by using advanced discovery and fuzzing technologies.
  • iKAT Linux 2.0 –
    iKAT is designed to provide access to the underlying operating system of a Kiosk terminal by invoking native OS functionality.
  • Findbugs v1.3.9-RC1 –
    FindBugs™ looks for instances of “bug patterns”  and errors in Java programs.
  • NetCut v2.0.8 –
    Basically NetCut is a tool that helps you admin your network by purely on ARP protocol.



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