26C3 Conference Videos Released

//26C3 Conference Videos Released

The 26th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin wrapped up recently and they’ve now posted the first batch of videos on their site. Links to the audio and video can be found on their wiki site and on many mirrors. Here are some of the picks we have from this event.

  • Here Be Electric Dragons
    From the Roomba to the Mars rover, autonomous machines are slowly becoming more present in today’s world. Questions of risks regarding the operation and misuse of these machines are now being raised and hacker ethics may be the key to solving this upcoming issue. PDFMP3MP4
  • cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/fuckups
    There are a lot of undisclosed bugs in the design of the networks we use today. While individually they pose little risk when added up, they pose a huge security risk to networks around the world. PDFMP3MP4
    Time and again, intrepid hackers have shown how easy it is to bypass GSM encryption with SIM card cloning, SMs spoofing and identity theft using cellphone data. It doesn’t take much to crack and this raises a lot of concerns in the hacking community. PDFMP3MP4
  • Using OpenBSC for fuzzing of GSM handsets
    OpenBSC, a software for GSM protocols, has recently been released and makes hacking the GSM protocol that much easier. With it, thousands of hackers are joining in to prod and poke at the archaic cellular system to show us all the holes in the security of GSM. PDFMP3MP4
  • Location tracking does scale up
    While most people will be up in arms against the government tracking their location, recently a lot of people have been more than willing to share their current location data with companies like Apple and Google when using their services. This talk explains a few GPS assigning techniques that are being used as well as the implications this will have on society. MP3MP4
  • WikiLeaks Release 1.0
    The team behind WikiLeaks share the new features of the 1.0 release of their site plus their vision and how they fit in the information society. MP3MP4
  • Peanut Butter and Plastic: Industrial Revolution
    Having your own mini-factory running inside your home is now a reality with portable 3D printers, digital design and decentralized manufacturing. This is the next step in the production revolution that will let us manufacture our own products, it’s just like having your own Replicator from Star Trek! MP3MP4
  • Advanced microcontroller programming
    This is a lecture focusing on the results of a one year project of intense AVR microcontroller family programming packed with stories and loads of technical details. MP3MP4

Those with bittorrent clients can help ease up the server load by grabbing the .torrent files using this wget command:

wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -w0 -A.torrent http://mirror.fem-net.de/CCC/26C3/mp4/

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