ShmooCon 2010 Session Videos Now Available

//ShmooCon 2010 Session Videos Now Available

Some of you have been waiting for this and here it is, finally! The official site for ShmooCon just post the slides and video of the various sessions. Here are a few picks from this bunch. Each video file is about 100mb. Happy downloading!

  • Becoming Jack Flack: Real Life Cloak & Dagger
    A talk about how to keep your anonymity in a world that gets more and more connected each day. PDF | M4V
  • An Existential Threat To Security As We Know It?
    This discussion centers on PCI, compliance and the existential threat to information security. PDF | FLV

  • Flying Instruments-Only: Legal and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing
    Here, Richard Goldberg reveals some big issues people will face as we move data to the cloud as well as what measures can be taken to protect this data. M4V
  • Exposed | More: Attacking the Extended Web
    Some insights are revealed on how APIs of some websites are being exploited and what measures can be taken to reduce this risk while keeping them open for access. PDF | M4V
  • The New World of Smartphone Security – What Your iPhone Disclosed About You
    This talk examines mobile to mobile attacks within cellular IP networks, the iPhone attack surface, iPhone worms, iPhone location-based gaming privacy concerns, and iPhone web application security. PDF | M4V
  • The Friendly Traitor: Our Software Wants to Kill Us
    This session explores the usage of browser hooks, client provided content and malicious flash applications in attacking client machines and organizations. PDF | M4V
  • Back to the Glass House
    A presentation of how virtualization technologies could be deployed to counter hacking attacks and an update on the current status of an on-going pilot deployment of these technologies with a large organization’s desktop environment. PDF | M4V
  • Pulling the Plug: Security Risks in the Next Generation of Offline Web Applications
    As the offline and online world begin to merge, new attacks shift from being temporal to persistent, giving the attacker almost an infinite array of resources to accomplish his goal. This talk breaks down the risks involved in offline technologies as well as some real-life examples. M4V

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