Week 22 in Review – 2010

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  • The History of Hacking – onlinemba.com
    Hacking has been around as long as computers as a way to reconfigure or reprogram a system to give access to someone who otherwise shouldn’t have access. 



  • Infected Javascript file – zscaler.com
    We recently found the following malicious code appended to a static Javascript file on an Indian Telecom website.
  • web application firewall bypass with a XSS attack – acunetix.com
    In the following demo video, Sandro Gauci of EnableSecurity shows how an attacker can switch off dotDefender in order to bypass any “protection” offered by the WAF.  
  • WMIC for incident response – sans.org
     I mentioned at the end of that post that I’ve been using WMIC in place of psexec and that I’d have more on that later.
  • Top 10 Things you may not know about tcpdump – sans.edu
    What are the things you may not know about tcpdump? Here are some of the favorite items I ran into and please fill free to submit more.
  • AV Bypass Made Stupid – room362.com
    I started with fgdump, a well known hashdumping/pwdump tool. It’s detected by 80% of all AVs and by all the top 10.
  • pigtoddler.py – Culling Files By Riding Spiders – l1pht.com
    I wanted a troubled little script that didn’t require much care and had a little more “dice roll” type attitude. 
  • pro tip: get lucky by scanning for – clearnetsec.com
    ut as I just witnessed at a client, none of their historical vulnerability scan results discovered the cards because this client doesn’t use that IP block, yet several Dell servers had default DRAC cards waiting for some love. 


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