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  • Ubitack 0.2 –
    This tool automates some of the tasks you might need on a (wireless) penetration test or while you are on the go.
  • SIPVicious 0.2.6 Available –
    SIPVicious was written in python and can be used on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD 6.2 and Mac OS X.
  • Open source GSM cracker released
    I have named this beast Kraken, after a Norse mythological creature capable of eating many things for breakfast. Kraken feeds of an exclusive diet of A5/1 encrypted data.

  • Sagan – Real-time System & Event Log (syslog) Monitoring System –
    Sagan can alert you when events are occurring in your syslogs that need your attention right away, in real time!
  • PlugBot –
    PlugBot is a research project led by Jeremiah Talamantes, a penetration tester and security researcher for RedTeam Security.
  • WATOBO – THE Web Application Toolbox –
    We are convinced that the semi-automated approach is the best way to perform an accurate audit and to identify most of the vulnerabilities.
  • WebEnum 0.1 –
    WebEnum is a tool to enumerate http responses to dynamically generated queries.
  • dic –
    “Download Indexed Cache” is a Proof of Concept (PoC) which implements the Google SOAP Search API to retrieve content indexed within the Google Cache to support the “Search Engine Reconnaissance” section of the OWASP Testing Guide v3



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