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  • SET v0.7 “Swagger Wagon” Released with Updated Tutorials! –
    I’m proud to release the latest version of SET v0.7, this release has two new attack vectors (multi attack and web jacking), three new Teensy HID payloads and a number of bug fixes and additions.
  • RunInsideLimitedJob –
    Here’s another tool to mitigate exploitation of vulnerable (office) applications.
  • sessionthief – HTTP Session Cloning & Cookie Stealing Tool –
    sessionthief performs HTTP session cloning by cookie stealing. It can issue basic nmap and nbtscan commands to see which IPs are on the subnet, or just listen for IPs broadcasting packets.
  • Web Penetration Testing Scripts – Part 2 – is a simply python script that acts as a http/https proxy and launches commands such as sqlmap against targets that are in-scope.
  • Blind Cat is Updated to No More Problems With SSL Certificates! –
    Recently I made some updates to the tool as during the last tests it happened that there were some issues when connecting to the target website over SSL.
  • PsExec and the Nasty Things It Can Do –
    In this article I’m going to give an overview of what PsExec is and what its capabilities are from an administrative standpoint.
  • Releasing New Tool IMPasswordDecryptor on –
    Now with the launch of PasswordAnalytics, our much awaited password recovery tool, IMPasswordDecryptor is out now.
  • Launched Our New Portal, –
    Finally it is worth the wait and it has come up better than any of our previous analytic sites at the first release itself.
  • OpenFISMA 2.9 Released –
    Release 2.9 does not include any major new features, but it does include several small feature enhancements and under-the-hood improvements, as well as a slew of bug fixes.
  • Wi-fEye –
    Wi-fEye is designed to help with network penetration testing, Wi-fEye will allow you to perform a nubmer of powerful attacks.
  • WSFuzzer –
    This tool was created based on, and to automate, some real-world manual SOAP pen testing work.
  • RIPS 0.34 –
    RIPS is a static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP webapplications. It was released during the Month of PHP Security (
  • FiddlerCore v2.3.0.4 –
    FiddlerCore allows you to integrate HTTP/HTTPS traffic viewing and modification capabilities into your .NET application, without any of the Fiddler UI.
  • Open Source Tripwire 2.4.2 released! –
    It contains a couple of bug fixes and gave me the opportunity to get familiar with the software once more.


  • Danger of JSP Includes and Parameter Passing –
    The current “fail-over” type behavior of reqeust.getParameter is not expected and can result in dangerous XSS vulnerabilities as indicated above.
  • More WPA2 Hole 196 Reflections and TCP/IP Stack (Mis)Behaviors –
    Hole 196 exploits this principle attacking the GTK, the Group Temporal Key shared by all Wi-Fi clients to exchange broadcast and multicast traffic.
  • Memory Forensics For Pentesters: Part 1 –
    This is part one in a series of presentations I will be giving at the NoVAHackers meetings on forensics of all kinds as it can be leveraged in a penetration test.
  • Digging deeper into Stuxnet
    But new information about the worm shows that it leverages at least three other previously unknown security holes in Windows PCs, including a vulnerability that Redmond fixed in a software patch released today.

  • Windows HOSTS File Script To Block Bad Domains –
    A well-known trick to block the domain names used by malware, spyware and advertising sites is to add these names to one’s HOSTS file using an invalid IP address such as “″.
  • Automated Padding Oracle Attacks with PadBuster –
    By default PadBuster assumes that the sample is Base64 encoded, however in this example the encrypted text is encoded as an uppercase ASCII HEX string.
  • One Vector To Rule Them All –
    I had to use multiple evals as the contexts increased because for stuff like background= etc there was no way I could figure reusing the existing one.
  • Evil Wifi – Captive Portal Edition –
    Originally, my Evil Wifi setup was a stand-alone rig with a laptop and a wireless router.
  • From 0x90 to 0x4c454554, a journey into exploitation –
    In the last few weeks I have been diving deeper down the rabbit hole of exploitation work and with a bit of work and time to prepare myself for the long run I compiled a set of areas to study in a course type layout.
  • Musings on Metasploit –
    It’s always fun to watch HD Moore as he covers the latest roadmap for Metasploit – explaining the progress of various evasion techniques as they’re integrated in to the tool and deriding the progress of various “protection” technologies.


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