Information Security Events For July

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Here are information security events in North America this month:

Recon logo

ReCon 2011: July 8 to July 11 in Montreal


SANSFIRE 2011: July 15 to July 25 in Washinton, DC

Soups logo

SOUPS 2011: July 20 to July 23 in Pittsburgh

TRISC logo

TRISC 2011: July 24 to July 27 in Austin

PETS logo

PETS 2011: July 27 to July 30 in Waterloo

Black Hat masthead

Black Hat Las Vegas: July 30 to August 5 in Las Vegas

And here are the information security events in the other parts of the world:

Sans Canberra

SANS Canberra: July 1 to July 9 in Canberra


SyScan China 2011: July 21 to 22 in Shanghai

Sans Tokyo

SANS Tokyo Summer 2011: July 25 to July 30 in Tokyo

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