Week 14 In Review – 2016

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  • pysap – github.com
    This Python library provides modules for crafting and sending packets using SAP’s NI, Message Server, Router, RFC, SNC, Enqueue and Diag protocols.


  • IoT IP camera teardown and getting root password – jelmertiete.com
    This post will describe how I inspected the IP traffic of a cheap pan/tilt IP camera. Then continued to open the camera up, connect to the serial console of the SoC; extracted the root password and logged in via telnet over the wireless interface.


  • Have You Disabled Flash Yet? – business.f-secure.com
    F-Secure Labs took a look at the top five exploit kits of 2015 to see which vulnerabilities they targeted. Here’s what they found: Out of the top fifteen vulnerabilities they targeted, thirteen were Flash Player vulnerabilities.
  • Let Me Get That Door for You: Remote Root Vulnerability in HID Door Controllers – blog.trendmicro.com
    HID is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of access control systems and has become a ubiquitous part of many large companies’ physical security posture. Each one of those card readers is attached to a door controller behind the scenes, which is a device that controls all the functions of the door including locking and unlocking, schedules, alarms, etc.

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