• Out-of-Box Exploitation: A Security Analysis of OEM Updaters –
    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) refer to the first boot of a new PC as the out-of-box experience (OOBE). As you battle your way through modal dialogues for questionable software, and agree to some exciting 30 day antivirus trials, it’s pretty forgivable to want to throw your brand new computer through the nearest window.
  • HackFu 2016 Writeup –
    To have developed this CTF in a manner that allows people who do not work with crypto/hackz0r wizardry to still have a chance of solving the problems is awesome! I didn’t solve all of the problems, but I did spend far too much of my free time and apologise to the many bars I had to let down during that time. After this writeup I shall resume my social responsibilities
  • Blackhat 2016 Exploit Lab – Pre-Class Tutorials + Crackme’s –
    Our Blackhat USA 2016 Exploit Lab Black Belt and Master classes are filling up fast. If you’re taking our classes (or considering them), here is some introductory material – tutorials to refresh your core concepts and a couple of crackme’s to try your hands at exploit writing.


  • ZAP 2.5.0 –
    This release contains a large number of enhancements and fixes which are detailed in the release notes


  • Hacking an IP camera (Grandstream GXV3611_HD) –
    I was taking Living Lab course at IUPUI and people at the lab allowed me to borrow the IP camera. This particular camera was having an issue with Power-over-ethernet so I told them to let me check it out. I am not great with electronics but after watching a videos by EEVblog (he has bunch of repair and troubleshooting videos), I wanted to try out some things to see if I can find the issue.
  • Reversing and Exploiting Embedded Devices: The Software Stack (Part 1) –
    Over the course of the past few months I’ve been traveling around educating people on exploiting embedded devices. My slides alone aren’t able to provide enough information, so I wanted to write everything out for people to digest online. The following blog post is “Part 1”, which will introduce the reader to the software side of embedded devices.
  • 2000 cuts with Binary Ninja –
    Using Vector35’s Binary Ninja, a promising new interactive static analysis and reverse engineering platform, I wrote a script that generated “exploits” for 2,000 unique binaries in this year’s DEFCON CTF qualifying round.


  • Watch As Hackers Hijack WhatsApp Accounts Via Critical Telecoms Flaws –
    Yesterday, FORBES published a profile of a $20 million spy service that exploits weaknesses in a critical piece of telecoms networks known as SS7, short for Signalling System No. 7. The company claimed it was able to surveil any phone from anywhere on the planet with just a telephone number.
  • New Critical Flash Vulnerability Targets Unpatched Devices to Steal Passwords –
    Discovered by FireEye earlier this month, the Flash vulnerability (CVE-2016-4117) was used in targeted attacks involving embedded Flash content in Microsoft Office documents. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code and take control of the affected system.
  • Kickstop the Blind Ego –
    Blindeagle is asking for money for a product, a product that promises private and secure communication with anyone over the internet and wants 90,000EUR to do it. For an additional 920,000 EUR, they’ll even remake what RedPhone already does for free.

Other News

  • What 17 years as an infosec trainer have taught me –
    I had a strong academic background in Computer Science – Operating Systems, TCP/IP and Cryptography. I was fortunate to work on my master’s degree under Eugene Spafford in the COAST lab (now CERIAS) at Purdue.

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