Week 30 In Review – 2016

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  • Umap2 – github.com
    Umap2 is the second revision of NCC Group’s python based USB host security assessment tool.


  • Notes on Hijacking GSM/GPRS Connections – www.insinuator.net
    Every SIM card has it’s own home network, which is encoded in the fist five (European standard) or six (North American standard) digits of its IMSI – International Subscriber Number. The first three digits are the MCC, the Mobile Country Code, the next two/three the MNC, Mobile Network Code.
  • Pokemon Go Cheat Fools GPS With Software Defined Radio – hackaday.com
    Using Xcode to spoof GPS locations in Pokemon Go (like we saw this morning) isn’t that much of a hack, and frankly, it’s not even a legit GPS spoof. After all, it’s not like we’re using an SDR to spoof the physical GPS signal to cheat Pokemon Go.RADIO
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