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I'm the founder of and we make tasks easy for you using good ol' homo sapien skills. No robots here! We do transcription, blogging and article writing for fun and profit.

Week 46 In Review

Events Related Source Barcelona 2011 Wrap-up - After a smooth flight to Barcelona, I arrived on Tuesday evening just in time to take part to the speakers party at the apartments reserved for the conference. That’s something really unique (from what I know) to SOURCE: speakers, crew and some participants are sharing a bunch [...]

Week 45 In Review

Events Related SkyDogCon 2011 Videos - Here are the videos from SkyDogCon. Thanks to all of the SkyDogCon crew, especially SeeBlind for running the cameras. Resources NMAP NSE Hacking for IT Security Professionals Presentation Transcript - Nmap NSE Hacking for IT Security Professionals Marc Ruef Security & Risk Conference November 3th - 6th [...]

Week 44 In Review

Events Related Mobile Security Summit 2011 - This week, Charl van der Walt and I (Saurabh) spoke at Mobile Security Summit organized by IIR. Charl was the keynote speaker and presented his insight on the impact of the adoption of mobile devices throughout Africa and the subsequent rise of security related risks. Resources SAP [...]

Week 43 In Review

Events Related Hack3rcon II Videos - Archive of Hack3rcon video archive. SecTor 2011 Presentations - Audio and video archive. DefCon 19 Speakers and Presentations - Slides and presentations archive. BSidesKC Videos - I actually didn't get to present anything this year. Not for any particular reason. All the talks were awesome and [...]

Week 42 In Review

Resources Analysis of 250,000 Hacker Conversations - This forum is used by hackers for training, communications, collaboration, recruitment, commerce and even social interaction. Commercially, this forum serves as a marketplace for selling of stolen data and attack software. Pentesting iPhone Applications - I have given a presentation on Pentesting iPhone Applications in c0c0n. [...]

Week 41 In Review

Events Related RSA Europe Conference Wrap-up - This is my wrap-up of the last RSA Conference which occurred in London. As usual, it’s a mix of t-shirts and ties. But, vendors followed the rules of the game and came with less promotional material for their next-top-ultra-last-generation-solution-to-beat-all-hackers-from-outer-space. Resources Hack In The Box Security Conference Presentation Materials [...]

Week 40 In Review

Events Related DerbyCon Aftermath Leftover notes and resources on DerbyCon DerbyCon Recap - DerbyCon 2011 Videos - More DerbyCon 2011 Videos - OWASP AppSec USA 2011 - Schedule and list of speakers for the upcoming event. Resources  Dirty Little Secrets In Pentesting Resource archive The Dirty Little Secrets They Didn't Teach You [...]

Week 39 In Review

Events Related Ekoparty aftermath Miscelaneous material on the recent Ekoparty Ekoparty presentation: Cloud and Control - Bypassing code signing policy - Post #BruCon Network Analysis - BruCON is over! As usual, when I attended a security conference, I’m trying to write a small wrap-up for me followers. With BruCON, it’s completely different: I’m on [...]

Information Security Events For October

Here are information security events in North America this month: BSides PDX: October 7 in Portland SANS Baltimore: October 9 to October 15 in Baltimore SANS NCIC: October 11 to October 15 in Washington, D.C. SecTor: October 17 to October 20 in Toronto BSides Montana: October 21 to October 22 in Jefferson City SANS Chicago: [...]