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Week 18 in Review – 2013

Event Related Syscan 2013 SyScan 2013, Bochspwn paper and slides - In our SyScan presentation, we explained the concept of kernel race conditions in interacting with user-mode memory, gave a brief rundown on how they can be identified by using CPU-level instrumentation of an operating system session, and later focused on how they can [...]

Week 29 In Review

Events Related Training At CanSecWest 2011: Analysis of Malicious Documents - Jean-Baptiste and Guillaume will give a course about malicious document analysis during the next CanSecWest Dojo session at Vancouver (March 7th/8th). The course deals with two major cases: PDF and Microsoft Office documents. Nowadays those two file formats have become a common vector [...]

Week 16 In Review – 2011

Events Related Debriefing on BSidesLondon It was a long but wonderful day! I woke up very early to catch my train from Brussels to London and arrived just in time. The room was already full of security guys, some well known faces and new ones. BSidesLondon Wrap up - BSidesLondon D-Day - BSidesLondon: [...]