Week 9 In Review – 2016

Resources USB HID/Fingerprint Reader that enters password if Fingerprint is correct - CCDC Quals Notes (metasploit) - Some quick notes for interesting stuff to keep for CCDC Quals/Notes Tools EZ-Wave - Tools for Evaluating and Exploiting Z-Wave Networks using Software-Defined Radios. firmadyne - FIRMADYNE is an automated and scalable system for [...]

Week 14 in Review – 2013

Event Related CCDC WRCCDC - A Red Team Members Perspective - Western Regional CCDC was pretty epic. Given the level of interest in red activity, I’d like to share what I can. So much happened, I couldn’t keep up with all of it. Web Application Defender's Cookbook: CCDC Blue Team Cheatsheet - Trustwave [...]

Week 11 in Review – 2011

Events Related BlackHat Europe 2011 Participant blog journals about what happened during recently concluded BlackHat Europe in Barcelona. BlackHat Europe 2011 Day 01 - BlackHat Europe 2011 Day 02 - Blackhat Europe 2011 Day 01 wrap-up - BlackHat Europe 2011 Day 02 wrap up - CanSecWest 2011 - CanSecWest is [...]