Week 22 In Review – 2015

Events Related HITB Amsterdam Wrap-Up Day #1 – blog.rootshell.be The HITB crew is back in the beautiful city of Amsterdam for a new edition of their security conference. Here is Xavier's wrap-up for the first day! HITB Amsterdam Wrap-Up Day #2 -blog.rootshell.be This is Xavier's quick wrap-up for the second day of Hack in the Box! Resources [...]

Week 16 In Review – 2014

Events Related Highlights from the SyScan 2014 Conference – symantec.com David Maciejak recently attended the Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan), an annual conference held in Singapore, which brings together computer security researchers from around the world. This year, security myths were dispelled and several interesting topics were discussed at the conference. The following is [...]

Week 20 in Review – 2013

Event Related NoSuchCon #1 Wrap-Up - blog.rootshell.be So, let’s welcome the newly born conference called “NoSuchCon“. The first edition was just organized in Paris across the last three days. Resources Download: Mobile Threat Report Q1 2013 - f-secure.com All of our past reports are also available in the "Labs" section of f-secure.com. Big Iron Back [...]

Session Impressions @ RSA

I thought I had an excellent plan when attacking the massive number of RSA sessions available. My plan was to attend the sessions unique to RSA, mainly the business sessions because I already attend a handful of technical security conferences throughout the year. Here is a my original RSA schedule, and I none of them [...]

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