Week 11 In Review – 2017

Events Related BSides Indy 2017 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the BSides Indy conference.  Tools Worried about Strutshock (CVE-2017-5638)? - www.tinfoilsecurity.com Quick check to see if your website is vulnerable Techniques PlaidCTF 2012 – Traitor (200 pts) - int3pids.blogspot.com The challenge is supposed to be very straightforward, because we only have a recorded audio [...]

Week 5 In Review – 2017

Resources Running guide for CTF's - gist.github.com Blackhat Hardware Training Roadmap - securinghardware.com This diagram is intended to give an overview of many of the hardware-related trainings available at Black Hat USA 2017. Generally, lower level hardware is at the bottom and more software to the top. Tools Wordpress Exploit Framework - github.com screen2root - [...]

Week 23 In Review – 2016

Resources Out-of-Box Exploitation: A Security Analysis of OEM Updaters - duo.com Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) refer to the first boot of a new PC as the out-of-box experience (OOBE). As you battle your way through modal dialogues for questionable software, and agree to some exciting 30 day antivirus trials, it’s pretty forgivable to want to throw [...]

Week 3 in Review – 2012

Event Related Infiltrate  Conference “Voight-Kampff’ing The BlackBerry PlayBook” at INFILTRATE 2012 – intrepidusgroup.com We gave a talk at Immunity’s awesome INFILTRATE conference in Miami Beach, FL. Our presentation, “Voight-Kampff’ing The BlackBerry Playbook”, discussed some of the blackbox style, independent research we performed on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Infiltrate Wrap Up – blog.opensecurityresearch.com Our industry is getting [...]