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Dan Kaminsky’s DNS Presentation Carnival

Dan Kaminsky's Black Hat USA presentation was a bit different than what I was expecting, but it was still very interesting. Instead of going into details on the vulnerability, he spent the majority of time identifying the systems that would break if someone were able to manipulate the DNS system. He basically said that once [...]

2017-03-12T17:40:23-07:00 August 7th, 2008|Security Conferences|0 Comments

All Your DNS Are Belong To Us?

Yesterday, Dan Kaminsky announced that there is a fundamental flaw in the DNS protocol that can allow attackers to spoof domains to any DNS server. Because it is a fundamental flaw in the DNS protocol, many implementations of DNS servers are vulnerable. Yes, that means BIND, Cisco, Microsoft, and many others are vulnerable. Luckily, Dan [...]

2008-07-08T22:18:06-07:00 July 9th, 2008|Security Vulnerabilities|0 Comments