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Nmap DEFCON 16 Video / 4.75 Released

Fyodor’s Nmap presentation during DEFCON 16 is now available in video form on Fyodor waited to release the video until Nmap version 4.75 was released, since the presentation goes over many of the new features in Nmap. Two cool new features are the open port frequency options, and integration of the Zenmap GUI. Zenmap [...]

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DEFCON 16 Audio and (Some) Video

It looks like the security conference archive at has all the DEFCON 16 audio online. But what's better than audio? Video of course, and the folks at DEFCON released four presentations that have been in the news recently. Active HTTPS Cookie Hijacking by Mike Perry DNS Goodness by Dan Kaminsky Stealing the Internet by [...]

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DEFCON 16 Tools

Rob Fuller yesterday did an excellent guest post on the Zero Day ZDNet blog on the tools released at DEFCON 16. Here is the list of DEFCON 16 tools: Beholder: An open source wireless IDS program by Nelson Murilo and Luis Eduardo The Middler: The end-all be-all of MITM tools by Jay Beale ClientIPS: An [...]

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Updated DEFCON 16 Presentations

Because the presenters have to submit their slides before the conference (so they can make the presentation discs), often the slides are outdated by the time the conference comes around. Thankfully a few presenters are posting their updated slides online, and here is a list of those that did. NTLM is Dead by Kurt Grutzmacher [...]

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