Week 34 In Review

Events Related DefCon 2011 Leftover notes and resources five weeks after. Crack Me If You Can teams - Crack Me If You Can InsidePro - Crack Me If You Can team john users - The Art of Exploiting Lesser Known Injection Flaws Revealed At BlackHat - The audience at Black Hat, Las Vegas [...]

Week 33 In Review

Events Related BlackHat 2011 Leftover media, articles, and resources Sights and SOund sof BlackHat USA 2011 (Gallery) - LDAP/XPATH Injection Tools - BlackHat 2011 Resource Portal - DefCon 19 Interesting stuff from Vegas Five Questions About Aaron Barr's DefCon - DefCon 2011: SSL and the future of payloads - Resources Cisco [...]

Week 32 In Review

Events Related BlackHat 2011 Leftover notes and resources. Defcon/BlackHat Slides, Whitepaper, Tools - BlackHat According to Twitter - BlackHat Twitter Feed port 4848 - BlackHat Twitter Feed - BlackHat Twitter Feed Tools For Soap - Bit-squatting, DNS Hijacking Without Exploitation - New Free Tool Helps Gather Attacker's Footprints [...]

Week 31 In Review

Events Related Notes from BlackHat 2011 Below are more than a dozen updates and resource portals for the recently concluded BlackHat conference. Tavis Ormandy's Sophail Presentation - BlackHat 2011 Presentation - Black Hat USA 2011 - BH2011: Hacking Google Chome OS - BlackHat 2011: Macs in the age of the APT [...]

Week 8 in Review – 2011

Events Related RSA Conference 2011 If you ignored the weather and the travel delays caused by having a Former US President and the Current President of the United States in town the conference was highly enjoyable this year. RSAC 2011 (Zombies and Shiny Things) - What I Learned At RSAC - RSA 2011: [...]

Week 37 in Review – 2010

Events Related: AppSec News AppSecUSA - Day 1 - You Missed A Good One - AppSecUSA - Day 2 - You Missed A Good One - DEFCON 18 Social-Engineer CTF Contest Findings Report Summary - One of the most alarming findings was that it doesn’t take a seasoned expert in social engineering to [...]

Week 35 in Review – 2010

Events Related: Slideshow: Fashion Statements from DEFCON 2010 - Hackers express themselves in more ways than just code. Security is a major theme at VMworld 2010. - VMware launched 3 products under the vShield umbrella, to secure virtualized environments all the way from the edge to the endpoint. Resources: IT Security Database - [...]

Week 29 in Review – 2010

Events Related: (Def) #ConSurvival - Some practical tips on how to get through DefCon BlackHat and DefCon Tips: 2010/N00b Edition - More things to remember on your next Vegas security event BlackHat Track Schedule - A full schedule of the when and where certain talks are going to be held. Tools: Ubitack [...]