Week 38 in Review – 2012

Event Related Columbus OWASP Meeting Presentation - stateofsecurity.com Last week, I presented at the Columbus OWASP meeting on defensive fuzzing, tampering with production web applications as a defensive tactic and some of the other odd stuff we have done in that arena. Charlie Miller & Dino Dai Zovi at CodenomiCON 2012: iOS Hacker's Update - [...]

Week 23 in Review – 2012

Resources Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware - hal.inria.fr Stealing RSA private keys from hardware using oracle attacks in a few hours. JSLR - thespanner.co.uk Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) has been around for ages – with first incidents being reported in the late nineties. Despite the attack technique not being the most complex of all, [...]

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