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Week 46 In Review – 2015

Events Related SecureWV2015 Videos - These are the videos of the presentations from Secure West Virginia 2015. HouSecCon v6 2015 Videos - New 4G LTE Hacks Punch Holes In Privacy - Black Hat Europe researchers to demonstrate newly found flaws in 4G mobile that expose privacy and disrupt phone service. Black Hat Europe [...]

Week 10 in Review – 2012

Event Related CanSecWest CanSecWest evolving - Let me say, right off the top, that I love CanSecWest. I am tired of “vendor” conferences, where you pay outrageous fees for the privilege of sitting through a bunch of sales pitches. At least CanSecWest has real information, as opposed to virtual information. CanSecWest Day 1 Pen [...]