Week 14 In Review – 2017

Events Related Cyphercon 2.0 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the Cyphercon 2.0 conference. DakotaCon - www.youtube.com South Dakota’s premier security event. TROOPERScon - www.youtube.com AIDE 2017 - www.irongeek.com Resources BlackHat 2017 - blackhat.com Over The Air: Exploiting Broadcom’s Wi-Fi Stack (Part 1) - googleprojectzero.blogspot.com It’s a well understood fact that platform security is an [...]

Week 28 in Review – 2013

Event Related ToorCon Seattle 2013 - Weaponizing your coffee pot - danielbuentell0.blogspot.com As SoC price continue to drop and their implementation continues to rise, connected “appliances" (Internet of Things) will be become an attractive avenue for cyber criminals. Due to the fact they provide no traditional feedback (monitor) or input (mouse/keyboard), If one were able to compromise [...]