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Week 1 In Review – 2015

Resources Index of /projects/media.ccc.de/congress/2014/h264-hd/ – mirror.us.oneandone.net Index of 31c3 congress videos are available here. You can watch and download the videos from here. 31C3: a new dawn - media.ccc.de You can browse and watch all the videos of 31c3 congress from here. World's Biggest Data Breaches – informationisbeautiful.net interactive ‘Balloon Race’ code of World's Biggest Data Breaches powered [...]

Week 23 In Review – 2014

Resources CRITs-Collaborative Research Into Threats – crits.github.io Upload threat data and uncover critical information to keep your organization safe. Develop additional capabilities using the Services Framework to combine CRITs with third-party and home-grown intelligence systems. Heartbleed, Cupid and Wireless – sysvalue.com Since Luis Grangeia presentation on cupid had gotten quite a bit of attention, he felt it’s [...]

Week 19 In Review – 2014

Resources Web security tricks – bugscollector.com Bugs Collector is a database of web security breaches and tricks collected from all over the world. Tricks are available here. ShowMeCon 2014 Videos – irongeek.com These are the videos of ShowMeCon 2014. You can watch and download all the videos from here. LayerOne 2013 – layerone.org Archives of the videos of [...]

Week 16 In Review – 2014

Events Related Highlights from the SyScan 2014 Conference – symantec.com David Maciejak recently attended the Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan), an annual conference held in Singapore, which brings together computer security researchers from around the world. This year, security myths were dispelled and several interesting topics were discussed at the conference. The following is [...]

Week 15 In Review – 2014

Events Related Enter to win an INFILTRATE security conference ticket worth $2,2000 from Hacker Warehouse – hackerwarehouse.com INFILTRATE is a deep technical conference that focuses entirely on offensive security issues. Groundbreaking researchers focused on the latest technical issues will demonstrate techniques that you cannot find elsewhere. Conference is being held on May 15 and 16 in [...]