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Week 38 In Review – 2014

Events Related A first-timers view of the “Hacker Summer Camp” – blog.c22.cc The big "Hacker Summer Camp" took place in Las Vegas this August. This get-together describes the occasion of Black Hat, for the Business sponsored InfoSec employee, BSides Las Vegas, for the techies, and DEF CON, which apparently became object of both type of folks [...]

Week 36 In Review – 2014

Resources iCloud keychain and iOS 7 Data Protection – slideshare.net If you are concerned about cloud security, read this presentation by Andrey Belenko Sr. Security Engineer @ viaForensics and Alexey Troshichev @hackappcom founder. Leveraging WMI for shells – secabstraction.com secabstraction always try to think about how he might get something done by leveraging WMI, since it's usually [...]