Week 44 In Review – 2016

Events Related Charlie Miller Keynote, Automotive Security: A Hacker's Eye View - The security of today's vehicles involves many moving parts, but while manufactures take a majority of the blame, multiple parties contribute to the security debt in today's vehicle ecosystem. This keynote takes a deep dive into automotive security, current attacks and vulnerabilities, [...]

Week 52 In Review – 2015

Resources pentestpackage - A package of Pentest scripts Tools JexBoss - Jboss Verify And Exploitation Tool - JexBoss is a tool for testing and exploiting vulnerabilities in JBoss Application Server. DVNA - Damn Vulnerable Node Application (DVNA) is a Node.js web application that is damn vulnerable. Its intended purpose is to teach [...]

Week 43 In Review – 2015

Events Related HouSecCon v6 2015 Videos - 2015 Today started the 11th edition of in Luxembourg. Being one of my preferred event, I drove to Luxembourg this morning direction to the Alvisse Parc hotel! 2015 Wrap-Up Day #1 - 2015 Wrap-Up Day #2 - 2015 Wrap-Up Day #3 [...]

Week 12 in Review – 2012

Event Related CanSecWest 2012 Hardware Involved Software Attack - Material for CanSecWest 2012 by Jeff ForristralVulnerability analysis, practical data flow analysis and visualization - Recently at CanSecWest 2012, we presented on the technology we use for analyzing malicious samples and PoC files. As malware often actively attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities these days, [...]