Infected Art Exhibit

MessageLabs threw a party tonight at the Varnish Gallery Bar, showcasing the computational art by Alex Dragulescu. There were six threat categories (viruses, spam, phishing, trojans, spyware, and malicious links) and all of the renderings were amazing. MessageLabs provided Alex with the disassembled code, and Alex ran it through his program that analyzed the code, [...]

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Vendor Parties @ RSA

Now that I have my RSA schedule in place, I have to figure out what I am doing in the evenings. So far I've been invited to seventeen (17!) vendor parties. In no particular order, the list of vendors are: Blue Coat, MessageLabs, SenSage, ESET, Ping Identity, Microsoft, Secure Computing, WASC, F-Secure, Voltage, Commtouch, Porter [...]

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