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Week 2 In Review – 2016

Events Related 32C3 Recap – Part1 - Every year a group of us are happy to use the holidays to travel to Hamburg to meet other people and learn something new at the 32C3. Tools Kali NetHunter 3.0 Released - NetHunter has been actively developed for over a year now, and  has undergone nothing [...]

Week 38 In Review – 2014

Events Related A first-timers view of the “Hacker Summer Camp” – The big "Hacker Summer Camp" took place in Las Vegas this August. This get-together describes the occasion of Black Hat, for the Business sponsored InfoSec employee, BSides Las Vegas, for the techies, and DEF CON, which apparently became object of both type of folks [...]

Week 9 In Review – 2014

Events Related RSA Conference 2014 RSA protests by DEF CON groups, Code Pink draw ire – The RSA security conference (where the world's security companies come to do business with each other), opened its doors this week in San Francisco to a wide range of protests by security professionals who would otherwise be attending and [...]

Week 47 In Review – 2013

Resources SIM Card Forensics: An Introduction – A detail discussion by Rohit Shaw about SIM (subscriber identity module), SIM structure and it's file systems, security, tools etc. Vulnerabilities Elevating privileges by exploiting weak folder permissions – This post is about weaknesses in folder permissions leading to elevation of privilege by using DLL hijacking vulnerabilities [...]

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Week 42 In Review – 2013

Events Related SANS FOR610: Reverse Engineering Malware – Course Review – What follows is a review of the SANS FOR610: reverse engineering malware class taken at the SANS Prague 2013 event. What follows are rough notes, feelings and impressions from the class as it was taking place. Take it as you will, and we hope [...]