Week 49 In Review – 2016

Events Related BSidesLV - Recordings of Security BSides Las Vegas sessions, selected sessions of sister conferences and other Information Security related educational materials. BotConf 2016 This is already the fourth edition of the Botconf security conference, fully dedicated to fighting malware and botnets. Since the first edition, the event location changed every year and it allowed me [...]

Week 16 in Review – 2013

Event Related Great Scott Gadgets Infiltrate 2013 - Michael Ossmann and Kyle Osborn presented Two-Timing Data Connectors at Infiltrate 2013. Resources Nessus Using Posh-SecMod PowerShell Module to Automate Nessus(Part1) - One showed me some of the scripts they use and then it came to me why not automate Nessus from with in PowerShell. [...]

New Security Tools From Week 23

Here is a list of new security tools that were released in the past week. SQL Ninja 0.2.3 - SQL server injection and takeover tool fgdump 2.1.0 - Tool for mass password auditing of windows systems AxBan - ActiveX killbit program Nmap 4.65 - Network port scanner Nessus 3.2.1 - Vulnerability assessment tool Immunity [...]

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Tenable: No More Free Ride For Nessus

Yesterday Tenable Network Security announced an update to their subscription model for their very popular vulnerability scanner Nessus. The bottom line is that as of July 31st 2008, any commercial use of the application will require a paid subscription. A small bit of good news is that it will still be free for home use [...]

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