Week 40 In Review – 2013

Events Related SyScan360 Beijing slides – reverse.put.as Eight days and 10 flights later author Papers back from SyScan360 in Beijing. It was his first visit to China and he had lots of fun observing many things that he only “knew” from reading. His presentation slides are available here. Resources What I Wish I Knew Before [...]

Week 47 in Review – 2012

Event Related DOAG 2012: Best of Oracle Security 2012 - blog.red-database-security.com Yesterday I gave a presentation ”Best of Oracle Security 2012” at the DOAG 2012 conference in Nürnberg. Resources cfbackdoor - gironsec.com This is a text file. Tools Util Util - Windows Handles Viewer (Simple GUI with REPL) v1.0.exe - diniscruz.blogspot.com Based on the Util [...]

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