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CanSecWest: Day 2 Recap

Most Informative Talk: Intelguardians' cold memory forensics workshop. They leveraged the Princeton/Wind River/EFF research paper, and created two tools to extract passwords from a memory dump. The tools weren't released at the conference, but they promise that it will be available soon. Two people from the original research (Jacob Appelbaum and William Paul) was also [...]

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CanSecWest: Day 1 Recap

Most Informative Talk: Oded Horovitz's talk on VMware. He showed off some upcoming features of the product, like VMSafe, security APIs, and session replay. With VMSafe and the security APIs, you will be able to run code inside the hypervisor! In one demo, he showed how VMSafe can detect malware that was modified to bypass [...]

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CanSecWest: PWN to OWN Contest

CanSecWest is just around the corner, and TippingPoint just announced some additional incentives to the PWN to OWN contest. Like last year, TippingPoint is giving cash prizes away, but this year they are giving away at least $20,000! For those that aren't familiar with the contest, several machines are setup, with the latest OS patches [...]

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