Week 36 In Review – 2014

Resources iCloud keychain and iOS 7 Data Protection – If you are concerned about cloud security, read this presentation by Andrey Belenko Sr. Security Engineer @ viaForensics and Alexey Troshichev @hackappcom founder. Leveraging WMI for shells – secabstraction always try to think about how he might get something done by leveraging WMI, since it's usually [...]

Week 41 In Review – 2013

Resources Louisville Infosec 2013 Videos – Here are the videos from Louisville Infosec 2013 conference. BruCON talks – BruCON is an annual security and hacker conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. Here are the videos from BruCON [...]