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Week 26 In Review – 2015

Resources The $300 'PITA' steals encryption keys with radio waves - Your computer is leaking information. It's not from the usual suspects: WiFi, Bluetooth or ethernet, but from radio waves originating from your processor. Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Israel's Technion research institute have built a $300 device that captures those electromagnetic waves [...]

Week 52 In Review – 2014

Resources Cyberspectrum: Bay Area Software Defined Radio #2 (Dec 2014) HD – first Cyberspectrum meetup in San Francisco. The Bay Area SDR Meetup served as a forum to exchange knowledge and ideas related to Software Defined Radio. Meetup presentations recorded and posted online. The World's Biggest Data Breaches, In One Incredible Infographic – The folks [...]

Week 51 In Review – 2014

Resources AthCon 2012 Slides & Notes – Slides & notes for “Uncovering Zero-Days and advanced fuzzing” at AthCon 2012. You can download now from here. BalCCon2k14 – BalCCon - Balkan Computer Congress 2014 videos are available now. You can watch and download the videos from here. Mass Scanning the Internet – DefCon 2014 (Talk Summary) – [...]