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Week 2 In Review

Resources How Modern Cars Can Be Cracked - SOURCE Barcelona Resources from September 2011 - Links, articles, and media from the event. OSCP-My Review - The OSCP certification is an offensive security course which teaches the attacking side of Information Security and is largely aimed at those wanting to become penetration testers. [...]

Week 47 In Review

Events Related Source Barcelona 2011 Materials - Quick post to link our information from Source Barcelona 2011. @kernelsmith & i discussed alternative use cases for the Metasploit Framework. The presentation was shotgun / AHA! style, meaning we had a number of 5 minute mini-presentations within the larger 50 minute preso. DeepSec Diary - The first [...]

Week 46 In Review

Events Related Source Barcelona 2011 Wrap-up - After a smooth flight to Barcelona, I arrived on Tuesday evening just in time to take part to the speakers party at the apartments reserved for the conference. That’s something really unique (from what I know) to SOURCE: speakers, crew and some participants are sharing a bunch [...]