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The Last HOPE Videos

Some videos from The Last Hope are now online via bittorrent. I hope more videos will come online soon, as many of the presentations sounded interesting. At the least, The Last Hope audio is all online at the offical The Last Hope site. Here is the list of videos currently being distributed: A Hacker's View [...]

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HOPE Twitter Carnival

Similar to yesterday's HOPE Carnival post, here is a carnival of interesting things said about The Last HOPE conference on twitter. crackhead : Domino's Pizza has the largest consumer db of all, and they sell it. Nearly all law enforcement agencies have purchased it. blogstar : RABBI - Relationship and Activity Analysis and Behaviour Informant. [...]

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HOPE Carnival

I wasn't able to attend The Last HOPE conference, so instead I will run a carnival of all the interesting things from The Last HOPE that I find. the trackable last hope conference badge wikiscanner 2.0 the impossibility of hardware obfuscation Hacking Medeco locks For the love of lock picking Hacking with no technology Tracking [...]

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Cold Boot Tools Released

The Princeton/Wind River/EFF team just released their memory research tools at The Last HOPE conference. The bios_memimage tool is written in C and uses PXE to boot the machine and copy the memory. The package also has a disk boot dumper with instructions for how to run it on an iPod. There's also efi_memimage which [...]

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How To Attend HOPE Conference Remotely

The Last HOPE conference starts today, and for those that aren't able to physically attend, here are a few ways to virtually attend. HOPE Radio - Listen to the live audio stream of The Last HOPE Monitor #thelasthope twitter posts via Hashtags or TweetScan Update: amazonv and quine are doing an awesome job of posting [...]

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