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Crash Course In Penetration Testing Review

While at ToorCon X, I had the opportunity to attend the ‘Crash Course In Penetration Testing’ workshop by Joe McCray and Chris Gates. I have heard of them before; Chris from the Carnal0wnage blog, and Joe from Learn Security Online. But how much could a crash course in penetration testing be actually taught in two [...]

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Tools From ToorCon X

I promised this list to Rob (mubix) Fuller a while ago, and I finally got around to compiling it. So here is the list of tools that were talked about at ToorCon X, organized by presentation. Targeted VoIP Eavesdropping: An Attack From Within VoIP Hopper X Test UC Sniffer ACE – Automated Corporate Enumerator One [...]

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ToorCon X Presentations

The presentations from ToorCon X are now available to download on the ToorCon X Conference page. Below are direct links to the presentations. Hour Presentations Black Ops of DNS 2008: Its The End Of The Cache As We Know It by Dan Kaminsky How To Impress Girls With Browser Memory Protection Bypasses by Alexander Sotirov [...]

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